Veauthier Architekten

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Kreuzlingen Swimming Pool

The aim of the competition was to get a project for a new indoor water sports center with 50 meter swimming pool and the required additional space as a complement to today's Spa Kreuzlingen and thus to arrive at an optimal indoor pool overall conditioning.

The planning plot indicates a significant change in ground level between the main road and the existing thermal baths. The 40-year-old Thermal remains substantially intact and replaced by the altered situation input a new address. Probable alignment of the new indoor swimming pool at sports, school clubs and allows focusing of the use of the spa on families and seniors, the swimming complex is now divided into two functional units with common entrance and functional areas. The project takes advantage of the topography to Use. The new pool area is lowered to a level which allows the roof surface just right from the main road to open up. The visitors thus passes that the swimming pool linked with the thermal baths via an attractively designed open space for reception and ticketing building.

Gaissbergstrasse 6, 8280 Kreuzlingen, Schweiz
Stadtrat Kreuzlingen
Veauthier Meyer Architekten
Project competition in selective procedure
7.470 m2 GFA
Rapp Architekten, Basel